Review Policy

I am currently not taking any books for review due to university commitments (i.e. I really need to get my degree rather than read)

I am really happy to accept published books/ ARC's, and I will always review what's given to me.
Currently, I do not accept unpublished/ self published books to review.
I accept hardback/ paperback/ Kindle format.
You can contact me via email:

Review Policy

  1. Genre-wise I read anything, so I accept everything from children to adult, from sci-fi to contemporary romance. This blog is called Rachael Reviews All, after all.
  2. Having said that, I do NOT accept erotica or horror, just because I don't read them.
  3. I will give an honest review, but I will try and be as positive as I can about the book. I understand that people have different tastes, and even if it does not fit mine, it could fit someone else's.
  4. Non fiction wise - I accept popular science and "smart thinking" (Waterstone's words not mine) books. No biographies or histories please. Adult non-fiction only.

Rating Scale

Film and Book reviews are rated out of 10, for more accurate rating. I rate based on plot, character, plot, language/ script, and most of all, the "enjoyment" factor. I also review relating to the genre of book it is in, and will look for points which are necessary to the genre, e.g. good world for fantasy, non-predictable crime.

0 = Dire
1-4 = Bad - Did not enjoy it
4.5-7 = Good/ Average - Issues but overall was good
7.5- 8= Really good/ Small issues, but I really enjoyed it
8.5 - 9.5 = Amazing/ Will watch or read again
10 = Ajsdjgdos Too amazing for words

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